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Power Lung
Airestream Power Lung - light activity & good health
Our Price: $120.00

Does this sound like you?

"I know I could be more active if I could only breathe easier."

"The lightest amount of activity makes me breathless."

Choose the AireStream to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. The AireStream will also help you quit smoking and help you be more active to lose weight and breathe easier.

BreatheAir - For Fitness & Active Lifestyles
Our Price: $120.00

Strength training for inhale and exhale breathing. · Independently adjustable inhale and exhale controls. · Hand grip for comfortable use. · Detailed user instructions for proper training.
Trainer - training & exercise / advanced performers
Our Price: $120.00

The level of resistance in the Trainer model is the highest level for most people, designed for those in good physical condition looking to benefit more from their training and exercise regime.

This model is meant for the person who participates in activities such as swimming, tennis, running, golf or cycling at a high aerobic or endurance level.

Advanced or professional performing artists specializing in high pressure instruments or professional singers with high lung volume will improve endurance and breath control while reducing risk of injury due to muscle strain or over performance.

Recommended for Ages 13 and Up
Sport - elite athletes / top performance
Our Price: $120.00

The Sport model uses maximum resistance training specifically designed for elite athletes and strenuous, competitive training activities.

The resistance controls on this model do not adjust lower to include the resistance of any other models.

The Sport model uses maximum resistance training specifically designed for elite athletes and those in superior physical condition. For those engaged in strenuous, competitive training activities the Sport offers the highest levels of resistance. This model is not suited for the casual user, performing artist, or those whose activity is moderate to high.

Select the Sport if you have the physical conditioning of a Navy SEALŪ or professional athlete.

Recommended for Ages 17 and Up