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Lung Health Combo - Relieves Coughing, Protects Lungs
Lung Health Combo - Relieves Coughing, Protects Lungs

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This combination will boost your Immune System and assist in preventing and treating viral, bacterial and fungal lung infections.

Bronchial Support combines some of the most effective anti-viral and anti-bacteria herbs available to prevent and treat respiratory infections.

Forskohlii (300 mg*) also called Forskolin has been used for centuries to treat respiratory disorders. It has been proven as a beneficial bronchodilator and anti-allergy agent.

Bamboo (250 mg*) helps relieve coughing and reduces mucus.

Cordyceps (200 mg*) improves respiratory function including bronchitis and asthma. Cordyceps has also been known to increase oxygen absorption.

Holy Basil (150 mg*) protects your lungs from bacteria, viral and fungal infections. Holy Basil is also effective in improving chronic and acute bronchitis.
* Daily value not Established.
Immune Defense Advantage contains one of the most promising combinations available to protect your lungs from bacterial, viral and fungal infections while also reducing inflammation.

Olive leaf (200 mg*) enhances the functioning of the immune system and may help viral infections.

Elder Berries (175 mg*) reduces inflammation and may help fight against viruses including the flu. Elder Berries can also be used to treat hay fever.

Echinacea (175 mg*) increases the number of white cells which acts as a protector of your lungs against germs and infections.

Pau D/Arco (150 mg*) fights chronic fungal infections while also boosting immunity.

Rosehips (100 mg*) contains Vitamin C which is beneficial in preventing and treating colds, flu and Vitamin C deficiencies.

Astragalus (50 mg*) protects and supports the immune system, preventing colds and upper respiratory infections.

Dandelion leaf (50 mg*) inhibits the growth of microbes and fungi, reduces inflammation, pain and swelling.