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Reduced L-Glutathione Plus - (100 Capsules), Enhanced Absorption - Ultra Purity Grade
Reduced L-Glutathione Plus - (100 Capsules), Enhanced Absorption - Ultra Purity Grade

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If you have asthma, please read this note.


Special Note: Some research has found that inhaling glutathione in mildly asthmatic people may cause bronchospasm due to sulfite formation. The connection to good glutathione levels is crucial in asthma, but needs to be weighed against the risk of bronchospasm when inhaled. Caution must be used at all times and glutathione levels may be more safely raised in asthmatic people by oral or other means.

L-GLUTATHIONE PLUS – Break open one capsule by twisting or cutting and empty contents into nebulizer cup. Add less than 1 tsp. distilled water (DO NOT USE TAP WATER). You may notice some fizzing. This is normal. Nebulize the number of times each day or every other day that your doctor recommends, not to exceed 3-4 capsules daily. You may need to adjust the amount of water you add to adjust for your individual needs as nebulizers vary as does your own breathing. Start with less than 1 teaspoon water and adjust accordingly for no more than 3-5 minutes of nebulizing. We do not recommend mixing with other medications. DO NOT NEBULIZE FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES
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  • Reduced L-Glutathione™ Plus is specially formulated, buffered, pharmaceutical grade (PG) glutathione (GSH) – suitable for direct lung, nasal, sublingual, and eye use. Comfortably achieve similar results to injected L-glutathione without invasive procedures. Increase lung GSH directly. Live life, Breath, Enjoy. 100 capsules/bottle 200mg PG/GSH/ per capsule. Like oxygen, water, and nourishment, glutathione is an essential tri-peptide required for life. Found in virtually every human cell, it is the body’s master antioxidant and arguably the most potent barrier against disease, toxin, and mutation. In the lungs, Glutathione not only stimulates hemoglobin for increased oxygen transport but also protects us from environmental free radicals that we breathe, boosting defense against impaired immune function (1)

    In the body, when disease strikes, glutathione is key to first line-of-defense immune response, rebound, repair, and recovery. It is vital to healthy brain and eye function, plays a primary role in Phase 2 liver detox/methylation, and is helpful against radiation damage to skin and cells alike. Glutathione has shown benefit for skin whitening, including sunspot and freckles, and is key to the the reduction, softening, and re-elasticizing of keloid scars – inside and out. Supplementation has proven clinically favorable, is safe to use, and may be beneficial to you.

  • (1)Prousky, J., 2008, The Treatment of Pulmonary Diseases and Respiratory-Related Conditions With Inhaled (Nebulized or Aerosolized) Glutathione, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. v.5(1),p.27-35.
  • Uses: lungs, brain, eyes, liver, skin, joint, detox and methylation, antioxidant, COPD, CFS, CF, free radical scavenger, hemoglobin

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