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SeaChange Therapeutics
Welcome to SeaChange Therapeutics

SeaChange Therapeutics specializes in supplements that target specific health conditions such as compromised immune systems, joint and muscle pain, lung disease, breathing problems, heart health, compromised nervous systems, memory problems, skin conditions, upset stomachs, nosebleeds, and food poisoning. SeaChange Therapeutics founders have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and understand the necessity for supplements that target specific health conditions. We also have experience in supplements that may have been used to promote cell health and provide post-stem cell treatment supplements that may encourage engraftment and proliferation of stem cells.  

Need Assistance? 

Take your supplements as directed on the package unless your doctor has recommended otherwise. If you are taking blood thinners, DO NOT take any supplements without first discussing with your doctor.

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  • EMAIL: seachangeforlife@gmail.com.
  • Phone: 303-986-2811 during normal business hours 10am - 6pm at Eastern Standard Time
  • Mailing Address: SeaChangeTherapeutics, Inc 66 Jessica Drive Merrimack NH 03054
  • Having trouble locating a product?  Use the Search Box on our Home Page.  Try searching with as few words as possible. Example:  If you are looking for DNA Protection Formula, simply type DNA in the search box for better results

Stemtrition Ashitaba Extract
StemTrition - 120 capsules
Our Price: $44.99
LivLong - Fountain of Youth in a Bottle (30 capsules)
Our Price: $79.99
Ashitaba Extract
Our Price: $42.99
Adrenal Energy Formula (60 Veg Caps)
Our Price: $21.99
Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral and has been shown to have a regenerative effect. Resp-Aid for Lung Congestion
Colloidal Silver (20 PPM) - 16 0unces
Our Price: $39.99
Super Bio-Curcumin® - 400 mg 60 vegetarian capsules
Our Price: $26.99
Resp-Aid for Lung Congestion - 4 oz bottle
Our Price: $17.99
Reduced L-Glutathione Plus - Enhanced Absorption - Ultra Purity Grade
Our Price: $37.00
Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer 120 capsules DNA Protection Formula
Sodzyme® with GliSODini & Wolfberry - 90 Capsules
Our Price: $19.99
Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ (120 capsules)
Our Price: $63.99
Serracor-NK Professional-Strength Systemic Enzyme Blend (300 Capsules)
Our Price: $124.99
DNA Protection Formula (60 Capsules)
Our Price: $22.95
Candida for yeast infections
Cytokine Suppress™ 30 vegetarian capsules
Our Price: $21.99
CANDID-X (16 ounce bottle)
Our Price: $39.99
Serracor-NK Professional-Strength Systemic Enzyme Blend (150 Capsules)
Our Price: $74.99
Peptizyme-SP (120 Capsules)
Our Price: $39.98
ATP Stemtrition Power Lung
Restore your Immune System
Our Price: $89.00
Peak ATP® with GlycoCarn® 60 caps
Our Price: $37.99
SAVE $20.00!! Order 4 Bottles of StemTrition
Our Price: $160.00
Airestream Power Lung - light activity & good health
Our Price: $120.00